Milano Angelo

Milano Angelo

Dj Milano Angelo sees and hears more than just mixing songs together. Like how little toddlers learn to draw between the lines, Milano mixes his music. He deconstructs the music and put them back together in his own way. Be creative.

When Milano was just a little boy and his parents were out of the house, he would listen to the CD collection of his mother. Especially Reggae/Dancehall and RnB, his mother’s favorite. When he was 16 years old he finds a music programme and starts beat mixing songs of Reggae & Dancehall. Not soon after he starts with digital mixing of House, Tech House and Latin House. His first gig came in 2009, when he got the last 20 minutes of a set in LVC Leiden. The crowd went wild and could not get enough: ’We want more, we want more’, they screamed. That is when Milano knew for sure: ‘This is what I want to do!’

Now, eight years later he spins his record on vinyl as well as digital. He played in numerous clubs such as: Beachclub Vroeger, TivoliVredenburg, Hemkade, Eclipse, Het Paard van Troje, Club Abe, Club Vie, VIP Room, Paladium, John Doe, LVC, Incasa en Gebr. De Nobel. And what about nerves? He is not nervous at all. However, he’s no stranger to sweating. ‘No Shame, Spinning is a workout so a real DJ should sweat’, says Milano.

When Milano begins his DJ set, he always checks what the previous DJ was playing first. Repeating of songs is an absolute no go, says Milano. You need to surprise your audience, not bore them. He will play five different types of songs to check the responds of the audience. With this ‘strategy’ he can adjust his set to the wishes of the audience. He is in service of his audience, up until the last ten minutes ‘those are mine’.

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Reggae, Dancehall, RnB, House, Tech House and Latin House