Tyra Talisa

Tyra Talisa

When Tyra was only six years old she found her extensive feeling for rhythm via dancing. Also through the use of Youtube tutorials, she teaches herself how to play the base and piano. She is critical and always pushing herself to be better. One day when she sees her cousin Milano spinning for the first time, she asks if she can try it once. Finally she finds the solution to her sense of rhythm and passion for music. Cheers to that night, because a new female DJ was born!

On her 16th Tyra starts spinning with her best friend. Two friends with a passion for music, this is the start of a real DJ career. When she starts as a solo DJ, she is in total control of her set: ‘Everybody needs to go wild and have to be sad when the next DJ comes up. That is when I know I did a good job.’ Two years later she is a pro in beat matching and reading her audience. Her rule is simple: ’When everyone puts their gin, beer or vodka away, the party is on!’ Tyra differentiates herself from others with songs that the audience does not know yet, but to which they do not want to stop dancing. She wants to surprise het audience in order for them to dance their pants off, song after song.

Tyra is relaxed behind the mix table, she does not have to go wild as long as the crowd does. She specialises in Hiphop, RnB and Dancehall. However, if it suits the party she can also play Afro and Hardstyle. In just two years time Tyra played at: Abe Exclusive, Ahoy Rotterdam Forever Young, Vunzige Deuntjes, Villa Thalia, Blckparty, de Next, Plaatjesmakers en in Gebr. De Nobel.

Tyra loves to play in full focus. During her set she completely trusts on her technical skills, but what about her nerves? Her answer is loud and clear: ‘I have learned how to ride a bike, that is something I will never unlearn’. But Tyra does not ride a bike like you and me. Tyra rides with her eyes closed. What about the audience? They can ride along without fear: ‘Together we will make an insane party!’

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Hiphop, RnB, Dancehall & Afro